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No BS, No Patriarchy, and No Useless Advice

Hey there! Welcome to Better Marriage Now.

If you are wondering:

  • “can we really make this work”
  • “how can I get him/ her to change” 
  • “would I be better off alone or with someone else”?

then you are going to be so glad you’re here. 

People often make unintended assumptions in unhappy marriages and it keeps them stuck. If you’re not ready to give up but you also don’t want to waste time dragging out heartache, you’re ready for my approach.

You’ll learn relationship essentials that no one talks about. This approach is hands down way more effective than most couples’ therapies. You won’t hear empty advice like “go on more date nights. Instead, date nights will become the natural extension of a healthy relationship, not an effort to create one.   




Things can get better.

Start here!

Having an intimate connection with your partner is foundational to the relationship. That’s why when it feels like something is missing, we struggle to find the disconnect. This is especially painful when you don’t know where to start or what to do. You and your partner may blame each other, and the relationship gets harmed in the process.

Chances are that you and your partner are both basically good people. However, when you try to apply well-meaning advice like “have more sex” (ugh, not in the mood), “give compliments” (that would sound fake), or practice forgiveness (again? and what about your partner?!), even good people are left frustrated. How can you move forward when it’s not congruent with how you or your partner feel?

Bottom line, most of the advice out there is better suited for couples that aren’t experiencing challenges in their relationship. 

Many couples continue to suffer despite going to counseling and reading relationship books. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

My collective approach, built on what I call Relationship Fundamentals, inspires and creates emotional intimacy and connection, no matter what your current relationship is like.  Some improvements can happen rapidly and others will develop organically and naturally, in flow with your relationship. 

No more stale relationship advice that we’ve all heard before. Let’s start the conversation of what really works. I am offering a free course, Emotional Intimacy 101, to get you started today. Click the blue link to gain access.